Our know-how

Thermoset composites

PROCESS offers the moulding of thermoset materials using SMC (sheet moulding compound) compression. Our production system enables us to design and produce thermoset composite components with high mechanical properties (strength, stability, etc.). Our processes are particularly well suited to certain sectors (aviation, nautical, etc.), but will find their area of application whatever your business needs: automotive, medical, thermal comfort, etc.


Thermosets: properties, moulding, etc.

Thermoset composites are made of polyester resin linking the material with reinforcing fibres (glass, carbon fibre, etc.), making them resistant and strong. Unlike thermoplastics, their moulding is definitive: once they have been formed, thermosets cannot return to their initial state.

The polymer, thermodur, designed for compression moulding is presented in the form of an SMC or pre-preg sheet. It is transformed by using a hydraulic compression press and subjecting the thermoset sheet to compression in a mould heated to a high temperature.

There are many advantages to producing thermoset composite components through SMC compression:

  • excellent mechanical properties;
  • good dimensional stability;
  • good, smooth and glossy surface appearance;
  • significant electric insulation.


PROCESS: moulding process for thermoset composites

With its expertise in plastics processing, PROCESS has all the know-how required for producing thermoset plastics. We provide all the production stages for your SMC composite components: design, prototyping, creation, assembly, finishing, etc.

Our company has a 1500T SMC compression press, enabling the production of large components (2m x 1m maximum) in short and medium production runs. Our finished products are suitable for all business sectors and have numerous applications: grilles and body parts for the automotive sector, heating or electric device housings, guttering, etc.

PROCESS has an insulated paint booth for the decoration and finish of your composite material components, giving them real added value. We are also able to implement plastic injection and two-shot processes according to your needs.