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Plastic bi-material injection

PROCESS manufactures plastic bi-material components, extending its know-how in the injection field and the moulding of thermoplastic materials. From feasibility studies to mass production, the expertise of our teams and workshops enables us to create parts using two-shot processes, complying with the specific features of your products and business sector (medical, automotive, household appliances, agricultural, etc.).

Moulding principles using plastic two-shot processes


Plastic two-shot or bi-material injection enables two compatible thermoplastic materials to be combined in the manufacture of one component. The process is based on the same principle as injection moulding, using a single press in one single cycle, thus avoiding additional assembly stages.

Plastic materials are brought to their fusion point before being injected at high pressure into a mould. The different materials may either be injected simultaneously or sequentially; and either into a single mould or into two complementary moulds.

The linking of thermoplastic materials with different properties in this way enables :

  • the combination of colours and textures (soft to the touch, flexible parts);
  • the combination of a technical part with a design part;
  • the provision of a specific property: seal, ...;
  • etc
bi-material injection
bi-material injection
Plastic two-shot
Plastic two-shot
Plastic two-shot
Plastic two-shot

PROCESS and bi-material injection moulding

As a company specialising in thermoplastic injection, PROCESS offers you its expertise in bi-material injection moulding: information on the feasibility, potential and properties of bi-material components, the choice and compatibility of thermoplastic materials, etc.

Two-shot processes can be used in many fields of application in most business sectors. Our production system enables us to operate in most scenarios and to produce bi-material components meeting your needs: components with flexible parts for comfort (e.g. baby bath seats, active medical devices , etc.), provision of water-tight or air-tight seals (e.g. boiler plates), assemblies for masking or saving on paintwork (e.g. handles or hubcaps for vehicles …), etc.

Our company has 5 plastic two-shot presses from 160T to 1000T, representing 25% of our stock of plastic injection presses. Furthermore, PROCESS offers the plastics assembly and finishings for your components or sub-assemblies and, if need be, the production of parts using SMC compression.