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Assembly of plastic components and finishings

The production of thermoplastic components by PROCESS includes plastics assembly and the finishing stages. Our know-how and workshops enable us to apply assembly processes that are the best suited to the mechanical stresses, the plastic materials and the end use of your components. Our expertise enables us to study the appropriate solutions for your products and your business sector (automotive, medical, heating, etc.).

Plastic part control
Plastic part control
Plastic insulation
Plastic insulation

Plastics assembly and finishing processes

The processes for assembling and finishing the thermoplastic components must find a balance between the nature of each component, the finished design required and the end purpose of the item or accessory.

Assembly of thermoplastic components

The assembly of injected plastic components helps to create objects, complexes or sub-assemblies of components made of thermoplastic material. However, there are many constraints due to the varied nature of the components: the variety of shapes and volumes (plates, profiles, tubes, etc.), the variety of polymer materials and the variety of chemical and mechanical properties, etc.

To respond to this, there are various assembly solutions and techniques :

  • mechanical assembly : riveting, clips, screwing, etc.;
  • bonding of plastics and assembly using glue;
  • welding of plastics  and assembly using welding :
    • plastic welding using ultrasound ;
    • plastic welding using laser ;
    • etc

Finishing of thermoplastic components

The finishing of injected plastic components offers real added value to these parts, whether from an aesthetic or finish point of view; this applies equally to components whose appearance is important as for hidden technical parts.

Whilst conveying the brand image and ensuring the performance of the item, the finishing stages also enable their assembly or immediate use :

  • elimination of faults by polishing, deflashing, deburring, etc.;
  • decoration using screen printing, pad printing, hot marking;
  • paint and varnish according to the desired end result: matt, gloss, chrome, etc.

Assembly and finishing of your plastic components by PROCESS

As a plastics processing company , PROCESS provides the plastics assembly as well as the finishing of your parts and component sub-assemblies.

Our company offers its expertise on suitable assembly solutions, whether your components are produced through plastic injection, two-shot or SMC compression: roof frames with metal inserts for the automotive sector ; rehabilitation devices with insert mouldings for the medical sector; sub-assemblies composed of plastic components for betting terminals; … these are just a few examples of the many existing solutions.

From design stage through to the prototyping of your components, PROCESS will be by your side, ensuring the finishing and completion of parts, with the use of dedicated machines and our paint booth:

  • screen printing: backlit film for screens and MMI, etc.;
  • pad printing: machine casings, logos, four-colour printing, etc.;
  • hot marking: solid colour on internet boxes, regulatory stamps, etc.;
  • paintwork: radiator end panels, SMC components, etc.